What to Expect from a Naturopathic Doctor

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What to expect from a naturopathic doctor

Many people wonder, “how is a naturopathic doctor different from a regular medical doctor?”

While both are highly trained professionals, naturopathic doctors follow a few different philosophies that make them a great option for your health.

Here’s what to expect from a naturopathic doctor:

  1. Patient-Centered Care
  2. Attention to Your Whole Story
  3. Care in Concert with the Body
  4. Education with Compassion

Patient-Centered Care

Woman receiving patient centered care from her doctor.

Naturopathic doctors pioneered the idea of patient-centered care. 

We believe treatment shouldn’t be focused on a symptom — it should be focused on you.

That’s why I invite my clients to own their care. It should be a true partnership — prioritizing your needs, preferences and values.

Naturopathic care isn’t about minimizing a struggle. It’s about making your whole body healthy. So we’re not satisfied with just managing symptoms. We’re trained to help you feel your best. 

Because of that, naturopathic care looks a little different than your typical doctor. Our emphasis is on walking side by side with you throughout your health journey.

Attention to Your Whole Story

Doctor listening to and talking to her patient.

Most people seek medical care when they have an acute concern. They go to their doctor and tell them about the specific issue they want fixed.

But naturopathic doctors know that parts of the body don’t operate in isolation. Every organ and system is connected to and related to others. 

The best medical care takes a step back to see how everything is working together. That way you don’t just fix your concern, you prevent it from coming back and make your body healthier than it was before.

To do that naturopathic doctors dig into your whole story. We consider mental, emotional and physical health. 

Care in Concert with the Body

Woman stretching

Once we’ve looked at your whole story, naturopathic doctors pursue care that works with your body — not against it.

If you’ve ever been injured or sick, you know that your body has an incredible power to heal itself. So instead of trying to force an artificial treatment through, naturopathic care sets the body up to do what it does best.

We move your body into the right environment and give it the right tools, so you’ll see results that last.

Naturopathic doctors like me aim to use the least force and least invasive modality. That means we’re not pushing the body to do something unnatural. And we’re not doing anything more than what is necessary and helpful.

Not only does this philosophy make treatment more comfortable for you, it gives your body the best chance to strengthen its natural healing ability.

Education with Compassion

Doctor educating her patient.

When people ask what to expect from a naturopathic doctor, there’s one last distinction I love to make.

Naturopathic doctors educate with compassion.

How often have you truly understood what was going on with your body? When you had questions about your health, physicians likely gave you an answer full of medical jargon. You never felt in control of your care because no one ever helped you understand.

You had to just hope the treatment you were prescribed was the right one. And then when it didn’t take care of your concerns, you were given another medication instead of being told why the first prescription didn’t work.

Naturopathic doctors believe you deserve better. I want my patients to be able to own their care. So I don’t leave them in the dark.

I work hard to explain things in a way you’ve never heard before. When I teach you to listen to your body, you take over the driver’s seat. You’re able to be proactive and in control of your health instead of just going along with what you’re told.

That’s the best outcome because it means your health isn’t at the mercy of your doctor’s schedule. You’re able to look and feel your best and pursue the care that makes the most sense for you.

Summary of What to Expect from a Naturopathic Doctor

This article has cleared up the major things that set NDs apart from other physicians.

If you’re looking to book a consultation, here’s what to expect from a naturopathic doctor:

  • Patient-Centered Care. Care is about you —not your symptoms. ND’s help you own your care.
  • Attention to Your Whole Story. The whole body works together. ND’s look at your mental, emotional and physical health to help you stay at your best for the long haul.
  • Care in Concert with the Body. The body knows how to heal itself. Naturopathic care removes obstacles to help it do its best work.
  • Education with Compassion. ND’s help you listen to your body. They take the time to explain what is going on so you can be in control of your care.