This Is How it Feels to Own Your Care

Real patient success
stories and reviews for
Dr. Lauren Hacker

This Is How it
Feels to Own
Your Care

Real patient success
stories and reviews for
Dr. Lauren Hacker

A Healthy Body and a Sustainable Lifestyle

“I started working with Dr. Lauren because I wasn’t sleeping well, my body ached when I got up in the morning, my monthly cycle was getting worse and worse (heavy bleeding, more irritability), I was tired often, I had gained 20 lbs and had decreased libido.

I had resigned from a very stressful career a year prior and was following my passion, yet I was experiencing all of these symptoms. Despite trying to feel better on my own, I felt and looked unhealthy.

Within just a few weeks of starting Dr. Lauren’s program, I noticed less aches and pains, less hair loss (which I didn’t realize was a problem), better skin/complexion and more energy. A few months later, my other symptoms started improving and resolving. And 6 months later, I’ve lost 10 lbs. It wasn’t done by dieting or depriving myself. It was done by healing the root problems – leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, and hormone imbalance. (AND the weight loss happened during COVID, and through some major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s).

I am still a work in progress, but feel so much better than I have in years. And my new way of eating healthy, nourishing foods is just part of my normal lifestyle.”

~ Renee

Helped Me Understand What Was Going on With My Body

Dr. Lauren gave me incredible craniosacral therapy. I was very impressed with the way she was able to help me understand what was going on within my body on the physical level as well as the spiritual and emotional level. She helped me discover what areas of my life I needed to work on and gave me the resources I need to continue my healing process.
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Lizzy S.
Loving Every Minute of It!

I have been working with Dr. Lauren for a few months and I have been truly loving every minute of it! Dr. Lauren is kind and compassionate and has helped me in multiple areas including gut health, hormone balance and preconception care. In each area she has been so knowledgeable and has offered natural treatments and solutions that have healed me more effectively than anything else has. I highly recommend Dr. Lauren!
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Rachel Q.
Highly Recommended!

Dr. Lauren took the time to listen to my whole medical history and did extensive research to help me on a path to feeling better! Highly recommended!
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Megan W.
I Feel Like Myself Again

Dr. I have been following your earlier recommendations for liver detox and an anti-Inflammation diet and I am feeling so good. I have now lost 20 lbs since I first saw you. My joints no longer ache and for the first time since February I feel like myself. I have been able to start biking and golfing again.
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Sharri J.
The Best Experience I’ve Ever Had Working with a Doctor

I have been working with Dr. Lauren for the past few months and it has been an absolutely wonderful experience! She takes the time to really get to know you as a patient and works with you to make sure that you receive the best care possible. This has by far been the best experience that I have ever had working with a doctor and also the most heard and understood that I have ever felt in a healthcare setting. I initially came to the Naturopathic Clinic because I felt lost and was struggling in order to understand some of the ways that my body was changing. Like many other people, I started taking birth control unaware of ways it would impact my body and then went off of it thinking it would solve all of my problems. It didn't feel better and instead I felt lost, confused, and hopeless about what to do next. Dr. Lauren gave me direction and also has helped me figure out a way of life that is not only sustainable but also realistic. I spent so much time looking for quick fixes to my problems but can honestly say that I am enjoying the process so much and am looking forward to continuing my health journey. I feel better now than I ever have and will always be eternally grateful to Dr. Lauren for all that she has done for me.
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Anna F.
Great Listener and Made Me Feel Validated

Dr. Hacker performed craniosacral therapy on me for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. It was incredibly relaxing and soothing and helped calm my pain tremendously. She also helped me to see the connection between my emotions and my physical condition and work through and process some of my intense postpartum emotions. Dr. Hacker is a great listener and made me feel validated and respected more than any other doctor I have seen. I will definitely go back!
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Ashely H.
Feeling Better than I Have in a Long Time!!

I have loved working with the people at the clinic! Dr. Lauren has helped me so much in my journey and has helped me figure some of my health issues out! Since I have been working with her I have been feeling so much better than I have in a long time!! I would recommend this clinic to anyone!
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Kimberly G.
Focused On All Areas of My Health

Dr. Lauren doesn't just focus on your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. She is truly an integrative practitioner and no other doctors or nutritionists have ever been able to resolve my eczema!
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Katie S.
Dr. Lauren gives me the time and attention I deserve

Dr. Lauren Hacker is wonderful! She has helped me in so many ways since I began seeing her six months ago. Before I started seeing Dr. Lauren, I was suffering from extreme exhaustion, mood swings and constant stomach pain. I was beginning to miss out on my favorite activities and no longer enjoyed doing the things I loved because I felt so weak and drained. My physical and emotional health was rapidly declining, and I needed a different approach to address my personal wellness. Seeing my family practitioner twice a year wasn't enough to answer my concerns or move me towards feeling better.

I am so glad I reached out to Dr. Lauren, and in the last six months have discovered the root cause of many of my ailments, and am finally on the road to recovery! Through frequent virtual appointments, Dr. Lauren continues to help me move forward with my personal wellness goals, offering holistic treatments as well as mental and emotional support through the process. She even partners with my other care providers to make a health plan that is tailored specifically to me!

Treating the root cause of my problems naturally is important to me, as I am aware of the detrimental effects of long term use of common prescription medications. Dr. Lauren's knowledge in holistic care is inspiring.

She is professional, helpful, and connects on a personal level. I can tell she truly cares about me, and what is best for maintaining life-long health and happiness. I feel secure in the direction of my wellness journey, because I have an actual relationship with my Doctor. She gives me the time and attention I deserve. All patients should receive this sort of attention and feel confident in their health care provider! I will continue to refer to Dr. Lauren throughout my life for all my health and wellness needs.
Gold Leaves Dr. Lauren Hacker Naturopathic Doctor Denver
Alisandra G.

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